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Tonight I Wait

It’s a question and nothing more
the answer rests with one or is
there a riddle within the query

a chance taken either becomes
the chance given or is left alone
and a case stated becomes the
labor of that which confuses yet
its act clarifies the truth

where a circle has no beginning
and no end somehow there is a
magic in its fullness that always
returns me back

to a point thirteen degrees left
of the northern magnetic pole
in that place where the world
became lost around us and the
single most important thing we
found was an unbreakable bond

certain forces have succeeded to
break us but still our bond remains
even though we are apart for now
or forever

your heart is already in that place
I’m walking backwards so I can see
you coming just in case you change
your mind

soon I’ll arrive at our perfect place
wondering of questions and answers
tonight, I wait



Ions in the Air

Just as darkness fell upon,
our hands found the door

the water fell far enough
from one cave to another
releasing negative ions
into the air

often I find myself back
in a memory playing like
a slide show breathing in
the recharge

such are the dreams I still
dream whether it’s day
or night even some where
in between

the ions in the air brought
to life intimate details of a
time where we were the
world around us and that
world became the most
important place to be

there is still a place in that
world where intimate
memories wait to find the
recharge it is there that I
wait with them


Did I Get It Wrong

Have I lived my time
with you and now its

no looking back even
if it feels good to the point
that it brings on the sadness
flowing through my veins from
that eternal crack in my heart
that never healed from the first

did I get it wrong?
thinking that continually
re-breaking it will in some
way eventually heal my heart

what if the hammer that
initially broke it is hiding
in the recesses of a damaged

will taking my hand from its
handle figuratively count as
literally letting it go and will
that be enough

the past will never change
but knowing that, will find
some balance in the future

now I’m looking forward
still recognizing hopes and
dreams that have yet to be

seeing the other side of
that which finds your
beauty wondering if
I ever told you

alas, maybe it’s too late for
such things


Out of Sequence

I considered your eyes
even though we were
a world apart

questioning why wondering
what good could come from
this departure

I’ve not given up on me I’m
still fighting a fight as grave
as it may seem at times for
this silly notion thinking if
I improve maybe you would

didn’t you know I don’t want
anyone else to know me better
or that I’m in the midst of a
battle to rise above the things
that changed me enough to
lose you

in all of life there can only be
one number one and the thought
of what to do escapes me in a way
that finds me wounded internally

shall I just reserve this as a pleasant
memory to be replayed whenever
a certain happy mood is desired
but how long would I be able to stay
in that moment before it turns into
the sadness waiting to incapacitate me

always the risk taker I would accept
this as a challenge knowing there is
a chance greater than the odds stacked
against me of eminent failure

outsiders may ask if I am crazy and you
know I may just be crazy but then I would
be a fool not to go after what I truly desire
and by the shadows I would know whether
or not this feeling is my truth or a fictitious
plot imagined in a distorted subconscious

sometimes love doesn’t stop just because
we choose to move out of sequence maybe
there needs to be a break to realign the beat
and maybe that will never happen but it’s that
chance I have to take to live in a way different
than I have been

you see I looked into your eyes and I still see
my reflection coming back to me tonight I’m
still considering them even though we are a
world apart



I’m whispering those magic words
to raise your spirit from the dead
voices gather far and wide I hear
them echo in my head

place the stones to form a star
draw a circle without end light a
fire burning blue sacred color
binding me as one to you

it is but a love story from long ago
I knew her well and she knew better
we stood at the edge of the void star
gazing while she called the elements
and we danced among them

life was simpler back then before
the wicked web of complicated
confusion consumed a cycle and
desperation became the backhanded
fulfillment of an erroneous need

time lapse memory foreshadowing
a day stepping into the circle casting
my hopes and dreams the only truth
I possess onto the pentacle waiting
for the magic to flow through

the one star points to the shadow
lands close to the void or a point of
no return it is there I will cast my lot
as a mortal to find the spirit of my star

wondering only if it will move me
forward or send me back to moments
before the slice that took the life which
sent me down a spiraling path where
darkness became the way

I’m whispering those magic words to
raise her spirit from the after all it is
but a love story



I asked you not to go in the
same voice I begged you to

There was just no stopping
that and even though I tried
getting out of the way I was
not quick enough to avoid
being broken

Inwardly obliterated outward
disguise can I rebuild the
wreckage or create a parallel
innermost world

Ashes and dust fragments of
a past should I be holding them
for later or let them scatter in
the wind

Places out there everywhere
call to me yet no one answers

Is it because when I soul search
it’s not my own? I could use the
company or do the fragmented
characters of my reality frighten

Not a day passes without a vision
of an hour in another time wondering
what really happened but how then
can I even know

Its quiet I can’t find you or you’re
hiding just out of reach I’m lost in
the depths of my own despair no
direction hidden destination

I asked your location in the same
voice as I begged you


Something Stronger Than Love

I was thinking this evening
as I often do considering
the future wondering if I
could find you

Maybe I’m dreaming in a
time or about a place which
I have already found or one
that could be calling me

Recently my inner world
unlocked a door in a box
to a secret destination
holding something important

This may perhaps be an ordinary
key which might just be the one
lovely thing that turns a lock
to a heart shaped box holding
something stronger than love

Remembering that love is an
action more than a word which
can only prove itself in a deed
within a deed from an object
taken from a box stored in a
secret compartment in a world
within a world which when held
hostage complicates everything

Forgiveness shouldn’t be so hard
to find to give to restore the balance
for it is the key within the key inside
the box containing the action that
proves beyond a shadow that love
is real

I’m dreaming of a wish made inside
a dream of a certain place where
Ursa minor can be seen in a sky full
of stars as a beautiful backdrop in
which I can look into your eyes and
and you will know the action of love
in the spoken words, I forgive you


The land of Eternal Blue Sky

It’s one of those nights
I found myself silently
thinking of a place in
a picture somewhere
far away

We spoke of death do us
part and where the ashes
must go but this has not a
thing to do with sadness

High in the mountains
outside of Alma-Ata in the
shadow of the iconic peak
Tengri where deep magic
might be found lies a resting
place for ashes scattered in
the wind

But the thing of it is I don’t
want to go there to do what
you asked, not yet, for only
to release your spirit then
how will I ever know the
magic you have spoken of

Even if a picture can speak
a thousand words it fails to
convey the feeling needed
which empowers more than
a spirit and connects the sky
god with the heart of a mere

How could I even find the way
without my guide, I could become
lost in the land of eternal blue sky
but then I don’t think that would
be such a bad thing



Secretly in the midst of night
I close my eyes and find you
somewhere near the sea of
tranquility where my fondest
memories come to life

Deep thoughts and even deeper
conversations take place within
the confines of my subconscious

Vivid becomes this sixty-four bit
full technicolor alternate reality
in which the senses also come to

While the quadraphonic Dolby enhanced
surround sound of your voice strikes
the temporal bones within my ears
with the sweetest symphonic melodies

The intensity of this place lends way
to a certain olfactory sense in which
your exquisite scent augments the
realities drifting through this beautiful

Yet something is missing in the same
way I have gone in that the taste of
your kiss is absent from all my realities
altered or not

And I don’t know what to do about it
I keep altering my already altered states
hoping to find to change to unlock the
mystery behind this absence but nothing
is working

I ‘m driving myself crazy turning tranquility
into turbulence so much so that at times
I jump straight out of a dream and into
insomnia where I can lay awake and over
think the situation

Just when that is not enough a still small
voice in my darkness tells me that my
altered state sense of touch must be broken
because I have not felt you fingers glide
across my skin in any dreamscape since
that day

So, I think I must be dying because I keep
losing my senses and I still don’t know
what to do about any of this

But one thought keeps repeating over
and over as I run from one altered reality
to another hoping to find the answer knowing
only one possible truth

If I could just feel your touch within any
certainty that would change everything
but secretly I already know the answer


Found Within

When left to find my wonder
it returned from afar
in the spark found within,
amazed is a feeling more than
a word and only a word can
describe a feeling

Then there was nothing more                                                                                       left to wonder for within a picture                                                                             a thousand words paint then repaint                                                                         perfection