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By Fire

He sat looking off into the night
as the flames wicked up the walls
of an inner world whose edges rolled
down in the heat, exposing reality for
what it is

we read about cleansing by fire
which seems the only way to remove
impurities that unravel our inner structure

and from the ashes like a phoenix we rise
again, stepping out into life empowered
by an all new inner world born of the same
fire that destroyed it

many are the things that remain the same
but out of those ashes there has been a
change in direction

while disaster smolders in the rear view
the road ahead is clear

he sat looking off into the night as the
flames wicked up the walls behind him



Tonight I Wait

It’s a question and nothing more
the answer rests with one or is
there a riddle within the query

a chance taken either becomes
the chance given or is left alone
and a case stated becomes the
labor of that which confuses yet
its act clarifies the truth

where a circle has no beginning
and no end somehow there is a
magic in its fullness that always
returns me back

to a point thirteen degrees left
of the northern magnetic pole
in that place where the world
became lost around us and the
single most important thing we
found was an unbreakable bond

certain forces have succeeded to
break us but still our bond remains
even though we are apart for now
or forever

your heart is already in that place
I’m walking backwards so I can see
you coming just in case you change
your mind

soon I’ll arrive at our perfect place
wondering of questions and answers
tonight, I wait


This Time it’s Mine

Always feeling my way through
life never knowing any difference
breathe in the silence, moving through
the wind, swept up within its circles
gracefully losing control

I laid down and died not so long ago
in a bid to move in a direction toward
that which I wanted most, desire got
the best of me

in giving up everything to see a world
through the eyes of a certain other
knowing I saw the future never thinking
it wasn’t mine

reality bites, left to wander alone having
nothing to show free falling within a
solitary confinement made from the
remains of my own misplaced dreams

I’ve not seen you in a while maybe we
could sit for a moment but not a word
need be spoken just knowing you’re
there would be pleasant in a way described
by many and felt by few

one step at a time I’m learning how to
relearn to close my eyes to stop thinking
of everything to think on one thing to go
deep enough within and come out the
other side where fire burns in your eyes
reflecting a future this time it’s mine


Racing Past The Moon

In the wee hours of this
full moon lit night
I stepped outside in an
attempt to find myself
the one that was lost in
a race against the sun

Running toward the moon
at an immeasurable speed
knowing this will never be
enough on its own power
to afford a proper landing
from a single jump

The requirement of certain
strong magic from the line
of separation between dark
and light is the only way in
which this dream will become
my reality

While flying into the sunrise
will unquestionably burn up
what is left of this searching
spirit. racing past the moon
into the backside of dawn
is the only way to attain the
necessary enchantment

Once this is accomplished
then patience will become
the virtue by which life
hangs until the moon again
waxes full

There is a dimension out there
holding captive the person I
wish to be. I see its faint embers
glowing in the shadow of every
new moon.

Knowing the only way to arrive
there in the exact heartbeat that
catapulted me into today is to
jump far enough forward at a
speed beyond human measure
to land in that precise moment
of my past in order to become
who I am destined to be

Tonight the moon is calling me
out to race, the gauntlet has been
dropped and I will see you where
the embers glow


Tomorrow is “D” Day

it may as well be “F” day
for it certifies my failure

where three times
should have been the charm
no one ever told me that
it’s not always positive

so then this law of threes
is flawed and I need to find
the trees because somewhere
among them is the forest
the exact one from the center
of my dreams

Wy’east is calling tugging my
heartstrings having lost
connection with my spirit mountain
finds no gravity within my being

reconnection is an essential fight
to maintain certain rhythms
that were lost in flat line flight

my heart is shattered into the
shards that tore my soul
still feeling still reeling
from the pain of knowing
and fighting to win
while failing to fight

tomorrow is “D” day
I’ll be up all night



it’s that hour
in that dark place
trapped inside myself
wanting desperately to break free
Inaudible is the silent scream
from within this self inflicted cage of shadows
where my demons come out to play
their game is old but I am weak
yet I am amused
by the awkward display of affection they bring

from inside I see myself standing on a hill far away
weathered but no longer beaten down
seeming to have found peace
no longer living the torment
only wearing the story in the lines around my eyes

thinking deeply of how I long to see
the stars unburdened by city lights
seeing a time and place
one that is not a memory
but one that is a memory waiting to be born
It’s clear that existence
plays out differently than our dreams
but then who is the master of our inner world
maybe the craziest thoughts
that play out in our minds eye
are our true reality
making our present an altered state

realizing that nothing
is as real as it may seem
while pondering evolution
or the evidence that humanity
is evolving so quickly
that when it comes full circle
in many aspects
it will be no better
than when it began

Is it then anti social
to disassociate from society
before the collapse
even when it has nothing
to offer but true degradation

finding the wider gap of separation
between humanity and the human race
longing to roam free from what it has become
could this be the truth in happiness

meanwhile everyone is dressing for the future
while I dress to fit within today
so that no one is the wiser

and yet the struggle only seems real from the inside
and what’s more difficult to convey
than this to someone on the outside
who only sees the facade

A Mid Summers Night

it is but a mid summers night
dancing amongst the stars
amidst such dreams of dreams
of past and present with futures
yet to unfold
hanging in suspended animation
behind eyes gently shut
enjoying such pleasantries
of situations beyond the grasp
to which we are able to control
letting go and just letting
floating flowing with the celestial tide
whose cross current lends us
to numerous possibilities
planets aligned to form a star
or that which was perceived as such
the sun and moon set and rose
in this evenings blood red dusk
and now if only dark
would become just dark enough
once upon this mid summers night
for us to open our eyes and see the stars

Having Seen Enough

So I sit here
looking out through a window
thinking deeply about all
that I have seen

the experiences found
in such imagery
take the breath away
to where finding beauty
clearly becomes a possibility

reflecting reflections
of non mirrored objects
sifting out dreams from realities

standing atop a mountain
draped in clouds
yet seeing such a mystical sight
before me to which perception
of imagination found me walking
the stratus highway to the next peak

Rainier, Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger,
Denali, and Everest all but dreams
lived only through the words of others
unfulfilled due to situations
beyond mortal control

reminiscing in my minds eye
fond memories of sitting
in creeks and streams
scooping up hands full
of semi-precious stones
in their most beautiful raw form

seeing eagles pluck fish
from rivers before my very eyes

falling in love with the kingdom
of the wild so much so as to lay down
my weapons to enjoy earths bounty
in a visual feast

swimming in three
of this worlds oceans and seas
before the poison of humanity
became so apparent in its
evaporation. setting into motion
a toxic cycle of transference

wondering now about the safety
of this worlds aquifers
not just from the chemical
poisoning of ground water
but that of statements based
entirely in greed
saying, ” that water is not a
basic human right”

thinking back then thinking forward
to the notion of what the last world war
will be fought over WATER!

I worry about the legacy
that is being left for generations to come
and even though my personal list
of things to do and see
is far from complete
I think maybe I have seen enough

Greed is stronger than my voice alone
hatred is a vicious by product of greed
and is used to empower the few
to distract the many
in its insatiable lust to control
the one world in which we all live

humanity has quickly become
its own plague of locusts
consuming the earths resources
with wild abandon never considering
to consequences of depletion
not understanding that all
things are not renewable

two vital ingredients of
all organic life on this planet
clean water and fresh air
seventy one percent of the
earths surface is covered
with water, most of that is ocean
fifty to eighty five percent
of the oxygen that we breath
comes from tiny ocean plants
called phytoplankton
yet the oceans have become the
dumping grounds of the human race

governments worry about something called
global warming and they talk about greenhouse gas
while they blindly allow the killing of the
largest single source of oxygen

there are one thousand six hundred forty five
people in this world that control
seven point five billion others

I am just one small voice
just one watchman crying out
how many of the multitude
are listening how many are crying out

how many are looking out a window
thinking deeply about all that they have seen
how many can say they have seen enough .