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Crystal Blue Ethereal Flame

In my mind there is a picture
long faded but revisited more
than daily

Trying to explain how something
lost once and never found can be
lost again. This is something that
happens yet it’s hard to talk about

Holding on to a remnant of life force
not my own used to be enough. It was
always better to have the accompaniment
of a ghost than to have nothing at all.

I remember the night her spirit left
telling me I was where I was supposed
to be, and everything seemed good

Nearly six years have passed since,
and it’s crazy to feel such a need
as to take flight into the astral
plains in search of a kind spirit
holding in her hand the remnant of
life force captured in an amethyst
dragon claw. The very one I gave
back over half a decade ago.

This is the final ingredient needed
to conjure her spirit back to this
dimension. Yet the problem that
has presented itself is within the
crystal grid, where a single loadstone
lies broken from a failed attempt
leaving a disconnected moonstone
out of balance and power

Days fall off the calendar like leaves
from trees during the autumn equinox
while from behind closed eyes faint
fires burn in another realm.

There will only be one chance to get
this right so I cannot rush in thinking
that I have the power within to solely
make this jump and land in the right
place and time

Certain things have to line up
like the beam of light from a
full moon touching sacred water
just after Venus, Mercury, and Mars
have shown themselves in the same

Time is running short but cannot be
rushed or it will stand still which is
out of the question. Time must be
moving in order to jump far enough
forward to land in the same breath
where we last left off

The only danger in this, even if it is
done correctly, is that there can be
an ever so slight chance that my
memory of the last six years could
be erased.

All things considered it’s a chance
I have to take. In my mind there is
a picture and whether it’s the blue
fire of her ethereal appearance or
the crystal blue of her earthly existence
I long to look deeply into her eyes


for Mikki one amazing friend RIP it’s been too long


The Orphan

Control alt delete
No sinus rhythm
Heart beat
gaze through a window
Another world unfolding
Hoping wishing giving up
Won’t anyone take me home
Years make a difference
In the clouded mind
Of an aging orphan
Shuffle cut deal
Magic began in a
Second story
Corvidae window
Invitation to play and think
Open door looking back
Through the window
From an unfolded world
Control alt delete
Reboot restart repeat
One by MetAnoia by Nebulosity
by two The Happening
by fire breathing dragons
and so many more
They welcomed me into a family
I am an orphan no more

It’s All About Choice

in the media today
word has passed
of a coming race war
KKK and the aryan nation
are said to be mobilizing
and what of the new
black panthers?

Listen people
you are playing right
into the very hand
that wants to divide you
killing each other
will solve nothing

they want you
to fight each other
in a bloody war
among the races and classes
while you are forgetting
that all of you are part
of one race, the Human race

while you watch game of thrones
it happens all around you
house against house
one bloodline against humanity
these people make hitler
look like an amateur

did anyone stop to think
that in going to war
because of color
will set in motion
something that may just be
an unstoppable force

when america falls
the true believer genocide begins
a cleansing of those not affected
by the brainwashing
one by one by another
they will just disappear
and your children
will no longer be yours
you fear communism and socialism
but its coming whether
you like it or not
in a way that would
make even joseph stalin
appear to be weak .

what you don’t realize
is that you took the bait
those leaders that
are pushing you to fight
and to kill will not be
on the front lines with you
they are sheepishly trying
to buy their way into
the elitist class hoping
that by selling you out
they will save their own ass

I refuse to take up sides
unless we can all decide
that humanity is worth saving
unless we can agree that
even though our outward
appearance may differ
we all contain the same
four atoms that bind us
together as one

I beg you to reconsider
thoughts and actions
that create war among
it will only lead to
a military action
that leaves millions dead
and america no longer
the land of the free
it’s all about choice


The Withering

In the moment they are cut
flowers begin a slow death
even the crystal vase
cool water and bit of sugar
fail to stave off the eventual

No matter how many times
we change the water
or add more sugar
soon their heads begin to bow
the petals brown and curl

One by one they wither and fall
becoming nothing more than
a particle in some ones memory

And such is the life of a muse
cut from where ever they maybe found
experiencing the euphoria of love
and the heated passion of lust
we take what we get from this
and create beautiful art our minds eye

But every thought has its day
every season a time to stay
then comes the withering

Before we know it we are face down
being drug through the gutter of misery
it is here that as an artist we scramble
to gather everything we can find
to create something beautiful

Because anguish, pain and despair
are the elements responsible
for creating more beautiful art
than love and lust ever could



I’m tired

Maybe I could just go to sleep


But would I wake up

If then I could

Maybe then I would

Find myself in a different place

In a new time

Where finding my peace

Would not be tethered

By something or someone


Even so knowing the location

Seems so far away

Or is it that peace

Is within my own being

And that a place can only

Trigger a response


Whereas cannabis

And opium meditations

Only took my mind

To a higher plain

And conciseness enlightened

As to why my soul still remained

Left behind out of place and time


There is no person place or thing

That can unlock a spirit

And set it free

My peace is mine

And I will find it

All in good time

But for now

Magical hugs and kisses

Mixed with art and writing

Will make me feel just fine


Pushed Away

Quiet now

There is no sense

In debating the if only

Rules of my dissatisfaction

While offering newly worded

Renditions of the same version

Trying to convince me

They are otherwise different


That first push

Light and easy

Hopeful that

Tomorrow would come


How then now

Is it that you miss me


Do you miss me

When you tell me no

Do you miss me

When you tell me maybe tomorrow

Do you miss me

When you tell me maybe

The day that never comes


Every push given stronger

Every push taken harder

Widening the gap in time

Taking longer with

Each successive thrust

To find a way back home


Becoming then pushed away

At an alarming strength and distance

That gravitational pull fails

Along with any remnant of orbit

While desire of what once was

Burns up in some far away atmosphere


Leaving one to wonder

Did you miss me

When you told me no


Fade To Black

What point is love

When attraction

Has lost its effect


Should we then

Just live as friends

Along with the dissatisfaction

Knowing all too well

That somewhere along the way

We have last our attraction


The orgasmless pit in my stomach

Speaks the truth

A lover left to visit her mother

And only a friend returned


Many are the friends

Who are not lovers

Yet am I the only one

Honest enough with myself

To admit to what is going on


And the occasional oral copulation

Does not calm the fire within

Of puppets on strings

And roller coasters

That create tidal waves

Of confused emotion

Or is it just delusional expectations

Which doom the hopeful

To Cape Disappointment


Is then happiness

Just so momentary

As to knock down

The walls of longevity

Leaving us holding

The all encompassing

Bag of nothing


While time speeds forward

Repeating nightmares

So often they seem

To be my only reality

And dreams have stopped

Visiting the night


As now this life

Flashes before my eyes

Repeating everything

That I have done wrong

And nothing that I have done right


The torment returns

And my lover is gone

While the world around me

Fades to black


Promoting Love

The negative possibility

    Colliding with straight

    Forward positivity

    Over powering

    Under shadowing

    Promoting that

    Which you love


What is it then that I do love

    Seeing the forest

    For the trees

    The oceans sands and seas

    Rivers that begin

    As snow capped mountains

    And water falls

    Nature’s natural fountains


Still there is something more

    Something truly that I adore

    People yes people

    In different shapes and sizes

    All the colors of the world

    Whose eyes shine so bright

    With soul fire and the inspiration

    That they ignite


In people there is humor love and art

    All the beautiful

    Ideas that they spark

    I cannot imagine

    I shudder to think

    What would this world

    Be without art

    No music for the ears

    No paintings or photographs

    Stimulating our minds

    And what of literature

    How then could we live

    Without words stirring

    Our imagination


Then I found these words to be quite profound

  Promote what you love

  Instead of bashing what you hate    

  For in hatred humanity finds its end

   I love people

   And the art they inspire

   No matter your particular niche

   What you create

   Sets the world on fire

   Art excites the souls

   Of all mankind

   Bringing with it

   An enriched life

   Of love and laughter

   This is what I promote

    For this is what I love




Writers Block


The pen finds paper

Nothing flows out

Rushing waters churn

In turbulent ideas

Partial words and sentences

Blocked by a dam

Stress kills and is

Killing me faster

Than I thought

The toxicity of people

Poison the ability

The gift of art

To paint a picture

Using words

Filling in the canvas

Damn this writer’s block

Is unfinished work really art

One by one removing

Toxic relations

Try to get moving

Back to the flow

Back to my grooving

Finding that outer peace

Lends way to the inner part

For inner peace cannot

Be found when one

Is covered by a hard

Exterior shell

By any other name

Writers block

Is writers hell

The words, they found me

Late, in the deepest depths

Of a world where dreams

And reality mix

Saying wake up

You have something to say

In removing certain

Poisons from my life

And the hatred of mankind

Against each other

My armor fell off

And again I saw

The beauty of a world

Which calls me home

Flowing again through

This heart and soul

The words

Were waiting for me

It was the words

They set me free