pando widePando is an eighteen minute spoken word piece by Katovski. As a lover of nature and especially trees he embarked on a journey that not only took him back in time, but also forward to his future.  It was as if the tree that he calls his brother was calling to him. Katovski answered the call through spiritual, physical and metaphysical streams of consciousness and wrote a poetic tale of the journey.
20140803_135507Katovski has performed Pando at the Gonzo Fest in Louisville, Kentucky as well as the Fringe Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. When performing Pando, you will most likely find him with his face painted as a tree of life as he becomes Pando for the audience.
listen the the wind blow            pando 600 w resized     the aspen quake                            the aspen shake                                    weathering the test of time  and environment                                bearing witness  to to the birth of humanity                                                                                                               my name is Pando                              historian of Umai I have grown  to one hundred seven acres      in size with over                                   forty seven thousand children   in the eighty thousand                                                                                                     plus years since out mother                                                                                           first gave me life
for those who seek and find me                                                                               there is a world of knowledge to gain                                                                 through open heart and mind                                                                               step humbly into my grove                                                                                       asking what you will                                                                                                         in service of Umai                                                                                                               I am Pando
“Pando (Latin for “I spread”), also known as The Trembling Giant, is a clonal colony of a single male quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers[3] and assumed to have one massive underground root system. The plant is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kg (6,600 short tons),[4] making it the heaviest known organism.[5][6] The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80,000 years old, is among the oldest known living organisms.

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