When was that last time someone, anyone
hugged you uncomfortably long but you didn’t mind because you didn’t know when that would happen again?

was the last time someone fell asleep in your arms and you stayed awake all night because you were afraid your PTSD would cause them harm?

Was the last time someone, anyone kissed you even if it wasn’t about love but just a higher sign of affection?

Was the last time you felt comfortable enough in your own skin to ask someone you admire to just hang out?

I remember the hug it was Friday night and I hope it lasts until the next

It’s funny because I don’t remember the next three.
Has it been that long?
Is this what becomes life when the unforeseen deals
a nearly fatal blow to which there is no bouncing back?

There is a certain happiness found in the capturing of moments which becomes therapeutic when it creates a smile

From one to the next and the next after that like a game of hopscotch, energy is found to get from one to another even if my batteries never completely charge.

I try to make the best out of what I’ve been given but there has got to be something else one can make from lemons

Robert S Katovski Olson 2018


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