Hang on folks it’s going to get rough
is the voice I hear every time the
alert above my head goes off and I
get that feeling of a roller-coaster
falling fast

except the oxygen masks don’t drop
and it’s getting hard to breathe I’m
fighting to maintain just enough
control and there it is, I’ve lost it
my pants are wet, standing in front
of a crowd waiting to hear me and
no one can take their eyes off my

suddenly the only words that come
are the ones not rehearsed, they
fly out of my mouth in a crazy eyed
blurt exclaiming loud and direct
“I’m up here”!

there is about a millisecond to
recover and find the balance
between my turbulent reaction
and the obvious walk of shame

to seize the day sometimes means
moving forward despite personal
physical obstacles

if then this is your day
regardless of the turbulence
how will you seize it



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