Perfect Pitch

There were three steps forward
my fingers touched the summit
forces beyond the realm of my
physical control kicked me from
the mountain

out there somewhere, never
finding the bottom suspended
between time logic and space
continues to hold fast the key

what then becomes mystery or
mysterious is a deception for the
open eye where when closed
they mediate the meditation focus
revealing doors to passageways
leading to the center core of life

some would say I’m lost, others
may understand I’ve sidestepped
time as it flies by waiting for my
moment, chances are this instant
may be a onetime ordeal in which
the rhythm of life has to match
perfect pitch

according to the previous book of
life left behind by a jumper bearing
a familiar mark

and of these rhythm steps and time
quotations counting down the beat
to a certain signature then stepping
through the longa into a four step
silent passage opening up in the living
breathing center core of life

as my eyes then open I find my feet
planted firmly upon the summit from
which I can see for eternity within myself
and believe



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