Don Quixote

Of giants and windmills hallucinations founded
a religion, somewhere in time, they followed
the leader drinking the drink of drinks in an odd
place dying on the way to a paradise that didn’t

they rise they fall they drop acid and believe
a psychedelic foray into the recesses of an already
troubled mind finds them some sort of delusional

and Don Quixote instantly becomes a “transformational
motivational” speaker lacking skill, and education to be a

it’s all fun and games until they cross the line like
David Koresh thinking he was god and all the females
living in the compound no matter their age belonged
to him sexually

fast forward to the present where “my touch is strong”
so, “I will hug you creepily long and try to kiss you because
you should submit to me”

I’m on a quest to self-love and use the word agape even
though I don’t know that it really means “of the mouth”

instead I hide behind the c1600 christian redefined
version especially when I offend someone to the point of
sexual assault

you should beware of people like me because every time you
pat me on the back and say its ok you help me reach my dreams
while ruining someone else’s



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