Lost in Subtlety

I threw down the bag
and burned them all
there was already
nothing left of my hopes
my dreams, nothing, but
the vanity to which a
perceived higher purpose

I’ve run out of time the
voices spin around my head
they speak such non-sense
of lives better lived

the world moves too fast
largely leaving behind those
who don’t move within its

maybe then this will be a last
testament to something less
than mediocre living in a world
so caught up in itself that subtlety
is lost in the fray

I dialed them and messaged them
but no one is there, somewhere in
my memory there was a time when
people would drop everything I still
would but that goes without saying

sometimes people need someone to
talk to and I need them to hear because
right now I’m having a hard time making
out whether staying is better than going
and for what reason

I have unfinished business but then does
it really matter in the pin drop hush as
jaws drop open from the realization of
what this is

and when I come to you gifting a leaf or
feather a certain stone, things mother
earth gave to me, for it is the ordinary
treasures which hold the greatest magic

then you will know beyond the shadows
my time here is done as I fade from
the nothing more to the forevermore
in a whisper and the twinkling of an eye
there are better ways for better days and
sure, I will miss you but not as much as one
might think

because I’m coming back to haunt the fuck
out of you!



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