How to Create a Monster

The creation of such modern-day monsters
falls in the lap of everyday people who for
one reason or another want to give the
benefit of the doubt or think they can change
a person by continually setting boundaries
which repeatedly fail

and then there are the ones who are first rate
enablers who make excuses for the one who
constantly crosses the line, well it’s been
known for a long time that excuses are like
assholes, everyone’s got one

but then there is absolutely no excuse for
inappropriate behavior and even more so
when that behavior is toward any of the
women of any community

let’s not forget the second-rate enablers
these are the people who see something
going on or hear of it and do nothing

some of us are watchers standing back and
observing then reporting in finding now that
we may have to become strikers for the good
and safety of others

the longer we choose to let things go thinking
everything will be ok the more we feed the
monster we are making we empower them
by giving them a platform to weave their web
of stories and lies where weaker minded
individuals fall for such tales opening themselves
up to becoming a victim maybe not today
but just know it’s coming

we are the ones who create monsters out of people
who should have been checked at the door we give
them power when we fail to enforce our boundaries
we help them grow each time we have to tell them
no instead of handing down a just and swift punishment
we keep hoping they will learn what we are trying to
teach them not realizing they don’t care to learn at all

and every time an excuse given or blame shifted
taking away any accountability for the woe is me
party they create for themselves and their merry
band of enablers

this is how we create monsters


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