Inner Monster

Deep within searching
inner strength concealing
stepping lightly one foot in
the other out shadow voids
all consuming

silent motion passage hidden
revealed in the eye within the

focus now such sight for blind
vision opens doors to dark ways

choose carefully for wisdom
sometimes fails the light
leading down deeper darker
corridors to secret places

where chains hold locks, and locks
with chains barricade a room holding
a box within a box keeping captive
something never meant to be to see
the outside

no rest for the weary, the wicked
never cease the trickery of a path
well-traveled or a door which pushes
in from the other side

it was easy far too simple stepping
through the hatch accidentally
landing deeper in the netherworld
than previously imagined

only to discover my own state of
captivity as a replacement tribute
for that which was never meant to

in the carelessness of a single
dark moment I’ve released my
inner monster to run wild and



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