Through the Clouds

Just as the journey defines
the destination so does that
first step off into absolute

moving forward up and away
vertigo has no bearing for
every vertical step lands closer
to the summit

in my head lies a vision to which
I follow step after step surrounded
by the mist of the mountain

this being the initial Wy’East welcome
with the promise of incredible magic
still to come

hours pass as they do while inner
strength grows in ways unimagined

walking through dark toward the
light only just noticing immersion
within this twilight where spirits
exchanged and I became one with
the mountain

as the air became thinner so did
that which encompassed me before
the dawn

behold in front and above me bathed
in ethereal blue the top of the world
every step worth the way yet what
lay behind me the magic I walked
through the clouds to see

standing on top of their fluffy grays
and whites the peak of a brother of
my brother the mountain Seekseekqua

if only I could just walk across the clouds
but for now, the journey has found its


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