Out of Sequence

I considered your eyes
even though we were
a world apart

questioning why wondering
what good could come from
this departure

I’ve not given up on me I’m
still fighting a fight as grave
as it may seem at times for
this silly notion thinking if
I improve maybe you would

didn’t you know I don’t want
anyone else to know me better
or that I’m in the midst of a
battle to rise above the things
that changed me enough to
lose you

in all of life there can only be
one number one and the thought
of what to do escapes me in a way
that finds me wounded internally

shall I just reserve this as a pleasant
memory to be replayed whenever
a certain happy mood is desired
but how long would I be able to stay
in that moment before it turns into
the sadness waiting to incapacitate me

always the risk taker I would accept
this as a challenge knowing there is
a chance greater than the odds stacked
against me of eminent failure

outsiders may ask if I am crazy and you
know I may just be crazy but then I would
be a fool not to go after what I truly desire
and by the shadows I would know whether
or not this feeling is my truth or a fictitious
plot imagined in a distorted subconscious

sometimes love doesn’t stop just because
we choose to move out of sequence maybe
there needs to be a break to realign the beat
and maybe that will never happen but it’s that
chance I have to take to live in a way different
than I have been

you see I looked into your eyes and I still see
my reflection coming back to me tonight I’m
still considering them even though we are a
world apart



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