This Time it’s Mine

Always feeling my way through
life never knowing any difference
breathe in the silence, moving through
the wind, swept up within its circles
gracefully losing control

I laid down and died not so long ago
in a bid to move in a direction toward
that which I wanted most, desire got
the best of me

in giving up everything to see a world
through the eyes of a certain other
knowing I saw the future never thinking
it wasn’t mine

reality bites, left to wander alone having
nothing to show free falling within a
solitary confinement made from the
remains of my own misplaced dreams

I’ve not seen you in a while maybe we
could sit for a moment but not a word
need be spoken just knowing you’re
there would be pleasant in a way described
by many and felt by few

one step at a time I’m learning how to
relearn to close my eyes to stop thinking
of everything to think on one thing to go
deep enough within and come out the
other side where fire burns in your eyes
reflecting a future this time it’s mine


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