I asked you not to go in the
same voice I begged you to

There was just no stopping
that and even though I tried
getting out of the way I was
not quick enough to avoid
being broken

Inwardly obliterated outward
disguise can I rebuild the
wreckage or create a parallel
innermost world

Ashes and dust fragments of
a past should I be holding them
for later or let them scatter in
the wind

Places out there everywhere
call to me yet no one answers

Is it because when I soul search
it’s not my own? I could use the
company or do the fragmented
characters of my reality frighten

Not a day passes without a vision
of an hour in another time wondering
what really happened but how then
can I even know

Its quiet I can’t find you or you’re
hiding just out of reach I’m lost in
the depths of my own despair no
direction hidden destination

I asked your location in the same
voice as I begged you



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