Short Term Memory…?

Hi! My name is Dory
Yes! I need an appointment card
to remind me to add this to my
phone but I also need that email
two days before and the phone
call the evening prior so I can
remember to be here on a given
day at a specific time

I also left a note telling me where
the appointment card is and a
reminder to check with google to
ensure my arrival

I put important papers on my
phones so I won’t forget them
when I leave but that didn’t work
because I took the papers off my
phones and set them aside because
there wasn’t a note nor did I check
with Google so I remembered the
papers after I arrived at the destination
where I needed them

There is an application that reminds
me to take my medication and also
logs it so when I cannot remember
whether I took it or not it will tell me
so I don’t have to count pills or risk
taking a second dose I also left myself
a note to tell you that

My phone has a better memory than
I do because it’s not affected by neuron
displacement anxiety or depression along
with any other thing that causes pseudo dementia
the diagnosis that is responsible for my short term
memory loss

My name is Dory what’s yours


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