What? Hey, where are you going?
I don’t understand. What happened?

Step into my nightmare, I’m a loner
abandoned by any other term what’s
the matter what’s my damage? The
room is full and I’m alone

I went someplace you went your own
way that broke me into what I am today
Feel the heat pressure cooker burning
They’re so pretty, the cosmos not your
friend. Head spinning stomach turning

I’ll be fine biggest lie don’t watch me while
I don’t eat. Pain is real imaginary pain it won’t
stop, nothing I can do what kills it can kill me
too hold my head writhe around until the
body claims the Shutdown

Wide awake thinking over thinking under
replay in my brain over and over call the
audible psychobabble isn’t crazy it’s just
working out details of how to change a
situation that cannot be changed

Time machine disrupted continuum something
changed in the present universe or it hit me
with a blindside right hook I’m telling mom

Honorable intent misread I am not those who
did that yet somehow in your eyes I am. Judge
not, there are angels among us? Who knew?
I don’t know but I heard the voices just out
of reach

House of cards of dark shadows broken glass
it’s raining I’m bleeding and still cannot find
you, was I thinking of myself or you, maybe
that’s the problem, just don’t know

Trying to recall you from another dimension
broke something sacred now there is Irreparable
damage and clearly no winner

I’m genetically sick and breaking down. Are you?
I am no you’re not oh yeah tell that to my
body. Stop generalizing me with those
patronizing tones. What the fuck is wrong
with you it’s right there in the report that
you never read

Hoping that I’ll give up? All you’re doing is
triggering this meltdown



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