The land of Eternal Blue Sky

It’s one of those nights
I found myself silently
thinking of a place in
a picture somewhere
far away

We spoke of death do us
part and where the ashes
must go but this has not a
thing to do with sadness

High in the mountains
outside of Alma-Ata in the
shadow of the iconic peak
Tengri where deep magic
might be found lies a resting
place for ashes scattered in
the wind

But the thing of it is I don’t
want to go there to do what
you asked, not yet, for only
to release your spirit then
how will I ever know the
magic you have spoken of

Even if a picture can speak
a thousand words it fails to
convey the feeling needed
which empowers more than
a spirit and connects the sky
god with the heart of a mere

How could I even find the way
without my guide, I could become
lost in the land of eternal blue sky
but then I don’t think that would
be such a bad thing



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