Secretly in the midst of night
I close my eyes and find you
somewhere near the sea of
tranquility where my fondest
memories come to life

Deep thoughts and even deeper
conversations take place within
the confines of my subconscious

Vivid becomes this sixty-four bit
full technicolor alternate reality
in which the senses also come to

While the quadraphonic Dolby enhanced
surround sound of your voice strikes
the temporal bones within my ears
with the sweetest symphonic melodies

The intensity of this place lends way
to a certain olfactory sense in which
your exquisite scent augments the
realities drifting through this beautiful

Yet something is missing in the same
way I have gone in that the taste of
your kiss is absent from all my realities
altered or not

And I don’t know what to do about it
I keep altering my already altered states
hoping to find to change to unlock the
mystery behind this absence but nothing
is working

I ‘m driving myself crazy turning tranquility
into turbulence so much so that at times
I jump straight out of a dream and into
insomnia where I can lay awake and over
think the situation

Just when that is not enough a still small
voice in my darkness tells me that my
altered state sense of touch must be broken
because I have not felt you fingers glide
across my skin in any dreamscape since
that day

So, I think I must be dying because I keep
losing my senses and I still don’t know
what to do about any of this

But one thought keeps repeating over
and over as I run from one altered reality
to another hoping to find the answer knowing
only one possible truth

If I could just feel your touch within any
certainty that would change everything
but secretly I already know the answer


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