How to Find Polaris

You weren’t the first
not even the previous
however, you did tell me
you would be my last

A statement that became
more true at the end than
it was in the beginning

There was something about you
that moved me to explore the
depth of what made you beautiful

For outwardly you were more
than pleasing to the eye
stimulating in ways that others
may fail to comprehend

Your Intelligent nature struck
a sensual chord in the key of
life which held me transfixed
and coming back for more

Occasionally I still feel your touch
even though you’re not there
day dreams have a way of bringing
back lost pleasantries to comfort
me in the chaos that has become
my life

I saw you recently, as brief as it was
the warmth of happiness filled my heart
at the same time as the profound sadness
I feel failed to wash clean my inner most

You are and always will be my last
which is an idea that I am not willing
to let go of, and means nothing to
anyone else. But then there is only
one who could or even would know

I was just outside looking into the night sky
thinking aren’t they beautiful
knowing the last would agree
as she showed me once again
how to find Polaris



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