Where is the Love

I’ve looked all over the world
turning over rocks across
timelines and dimensions

It’s the one thing that feels
good while it breaks the heart
I wonder why anyone would
bother to try to look to find
to attempt to have to hold

Despicable is a race who lays
claim to something that by
its actions could never possess

I landed here by accident or did I
looking left and looking right
wondering why the definition of
humanity is war and hatred

When we were born, we didn’t
know hate we only knew one thing
so, what happened where is it
did greed poison the effect did it’s
Insatiable nature corrupt the seed

I’m still out here looking for the good
in the hearts of the human race
knowing hoping asking if I can find
real humanity because until I see it
until I feel it in my heart the search
will never end

Look around you and answer the question
where is the love



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