Still Eighteen

I’m 18 a dreamer
seeing everything imaginable
indestructible knowing not
the meaning of impossible

I’m 25 following my heart
thinking the path chosen
travels the same direction
as destiny

I was 36 for the minute that
the chosen departed the destined
and life changed altogether

I’m 42 and lost the vision yet my
heart crossed a path unmarked
the direction it took was the
downward spiral that found
rock bottom

I’m 47 for a moment longer than
the minute it lasted while control
alt delete erased everything but
the scars

I’m 54 and saw my mortality
altered became the state of
life as I know it and destiny
became the path chosen

I’m 55 for the moment
facing an unbearable force
systematic failures reduce the
ability to see the conceivable

But sometimes in my heart
I’m still 18


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