The Redefine

The universe has a way
of stripping us down
individually becoming
transparent in a way
unforeseen by the runes
of time

The fight was real in the
struggle to have to fit in
to rise up and be

Every battle a declaration
of war, every failure becoming
something less from the
something more

How many times
how many redefines can one
life possibly endure

I gave up everything
to have nothing to
be free

Standing in the pieces of
my hearts debris assembling
the wreckage becoming
the person, I wish to be

The universe came calling
She kicked me down taking
everything I thought was mine
I’m tired of this revolving door

Maybe one day I will learn
that not one thing can do it
not even a carefully orchestrated
group of ideas or things placed
with precision into the facade
will change who or what I am

Because when I am nothing
I am free and when I am free
I am the only one who can
define me


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