A Life Misdirected

How is that after spending
Years, no decades, looking
Looking for that one person
place or thing that shifts
the axis of an inner world
carved so deeply into the core
that it turns beautifully
rhythmic out of the chaos
it once was

only then to have the universe
not just say no but to rip apart
the very center of everything
once believed to be the most
sacred of truths

casting out the outcast in a double
jeopardy twist of fate defining a
path not chosen yet destined
where everything around is constantly
changing yet fundamentally one
thing remains the same

unaccompanied in any direction
this burden shoulders alone
the foot prints in the sand belong
to a solo traveler who lost everything
before time began

wicked is the curse which shrouds
a life misunderstood malicious is a
destiny stolen from its rightful heir
hateful is the question unanswered

really, why am I here? Why am I caught
in an instant replay life in which every
episode ends the same? Why am I the
only character that never changes?

Am I the reincarnated soul who chose
to follow his heart and pick love over
riches which misdirected a bloodline

how then now to break the curse?
can this inner world be realigned with
its universe or has time left it behind
for eternity?

My days here grow short
I’m dying on the inside
the journey long and lonely is
the catalyst which keeps me going
and such is a life misdirected



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