The Something More

The sun set upon my wonder
While Venus has shone herself
Early in the dusk transition
Now if then the red planet would
Just appear before mercury’s
Appearance within the glow
Of this month’s full moon

Always in search of something
more than this life is giving
more than the emptiness between
heartbreaks more than the hope
in which every waking moment
finds a reason to continue living

the spark that once would
ignite this heart fire now fades
from memories from any known
existence into the noise of chaotic

still believing it’s out there
somewhere the spark, hidden
where plain sight meets the
all internal call or is it a craving
is this then the addiction that
will end life as it was wished to be

or maybe it already has and I haven’t
found the good sense to just let this
pass through me

if only I could find the spark and
the heart shaped box in which
what remains my heart is concealed
before the sun sets upon what is
left of my wonder then maybe
I will find that something more



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