Dead Valentine

February 14th passed
As a day of festivities
None of which were chosen
Yet this day brings back every
Painful memory from a life
Lived loving without limit

The years have gone by
Time makes us forget
Unless of course the
arrangement by which this
pendulum swings contains
an arc of torment vast in its
nature dark in its soullessness

I want to know what love is
But every time I think know
Rugs pull out from underneath
While traditional blind siding
Takes on a new twist and all
I’m left with is the thought that
Love is a lie, a myth, and a fallacy

Love is more than a word
it’s supposed to be an action
it’s supposed to be a verb

seventeen years ago, my one true love
took two long slices from a very sharp
knife, she bled to death she took her
own life

ever since that day my life has been pain
I was on a fast track she derailed my train
Now nothing works like it did back then
I’m a loner and I struggle to fit in

So, if this is what love is or what love really does
Then there is only one thing I have left to say
Fuck you Cupid have a nice day