Lost Boys Are Free

I’m lost
but I survived
a thousand lifetimes flew by
in a whisper and a twinkling
of an eye

Having fallen more than once
faster than the speed of sound
burning up on reentry landing
on rock bottoms solid ground

Shambhala is calling a lost boys
spirit, reaching out touching
his misplaced soul, refraining
from the kick that wounded
him when he was down

While worlds spin out of control
mother earths murmuring carries
over the winds of change and
mislaid becomes something of a
misnomer in that just possibly it
is a mystical place found through
third eye vision

Seeing the forest for the trees or
the mountains for the sky in which
they majestically point. these are
the very things which holdfast the
clues leading to inner peace and
a pain free existence

It’s alright to be  lost
a lost boy just like me
in case you didn’t know
lost boys are free



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