Racing Past The Moon

In the wee hours of this
full moon lit night
I stepped outside in an
attempt to find myself
the one that was lost in
a race against the sun

Running toward the moon
at an immeasurable speed
knowing this will never be
enough on its own power
to afford a proper landing
from a single jump

The requirement of certain
strong magic from the line
of separation between dark
and light is the only way in
which this dream will become
my reality

While flying into the sunrise
will unquestionably burn up
what is left of this searching
spirit. racing past the moon
into the backside of dawn
is the only way to attain the
necessary enchantment

Once this is accomplished
then patience will become
the virtue by which life
hangs until the moon again
waxes full

There is a dimension out there
holding captive the person I
wish to be. I see its faint embers
glowing in the shadow of every
new moon.

Knowing the only way to arrive
there in the exact heartbeat that
catapulted me into today is to
jump far enough forward at a
speed beyond human measure
to land in that precise moment
of my past in order to become
who I am destined to be

Tonight the moon is calling me
out to race, the gauntlet has been
dropped and I will see you where
the embers glow


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