Heart Shaped Box

far off in a netherworld
kept safe from those
who would happen upon
them in such a way
as to remake something
out of the fragmentation
from days left behind

sometimes the details of
breakage become lost in
the fairytale from which
they were created

all the while being careful
of what to wish for until
such aspiration finds its end
before the last breath of its
utterance spills forth

and what then, what then
of each new day eroding
what was thought to be true
whereas such truth then
becomes that which initiated
the fracture point leading to
the next dynamic faltering
of an inner world implosion

a certain netherworld contains
an undue amount of used sealing
wax and a heart shaped box
scarred from resealing numerous
times throughout the ages

I wonder if one were to open it
if anything beautiful could
be found



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