Tribe of One

I fell faster than time
running beyond the
speed of light from a
moonbeam out of
place and instance

seeking out more like me
finding I am the only one
unsure of fitting in always
standing at the fringe looking
in from the outside

it’s just easier to fade out
from here forgotten in a
time-lapse continuum

I wish those who came
before me would have
left this place as they
had found it

maybe then the tribes
of earth would know
my arrival was in peace
with love as the only intent

but I landed a millisecond
before the correct azimuth
caught in a mobius curve
fighting to break the loop
and realign the latitude

appearing as a shadow of
those who broke the trust
if only now it would rain
and wash away their foot
print so I could appear as
myself instead of a remnant
of another

it has become the daily fight
to not let history define me
but in that the spoils of war
mark me as an outsider
my name is Rainwater Moonchild
and I am the tribe of one

Robert Olson©2016
aka Katovski


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