Deep Space Vacuum

can anyone hear me
the universe is calling
it was supposed to be
that day of days we all
hope for but something
failed to align and a star
went supernova creating
a celestial trap void of
all reason

growing weary, tired of
repetitive motion where
days change yet their
substance replays like a
loop track of torment

happiness is so momentary
it can only live in an instant
where time breaks down to
milliseconds which then begs
to ask where is the serotonin

as dimensions collide it becomes
more difficult to jump from one
to the other to another and at
the rate the earth spins it is
nearly impossible to land in the
same place twice

which then opens the door to
the invisibility factor canceling
the theory of prismatic light and
answers the question of cross
dimensional disappearance

the universe is calling
I jumped and faded
you cannot see me
because I am not really here



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