Painfully Obvious

it’s more than a feeling
at times it seems surreal
in gaining acceptance
mind reeling at the ease
until the stark realization
sets in that misreading
pleasantries is something
of a curse not easily shed

maybe there is a time and
a place but then maybe
there is not, which leads
one to wonder if being
marked as an outcast is
a stain of permanence

who would know better
than he who becomes
known as that guy who
and memories fade off
into yesterday

second guessing reality
has become somewhat of
an art form in that it is
never quite known if one
has been kindly received

yet when standing at the
fringe wondering where it
is that one truly fits in and
realizing how painfully
obvious it is that you don’t
there should be nothing left
to wonder as to why certain
people fade off without a trace



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