Tomorrow is “D” Day

it may as well be “F” day
for it certifies my failure

where three times
should have been the charm
no one ever told me that
it’s not always positive

so then this law of threes
is flawed and I need to find
the trees because somewhere
among them is the forest
the exact one from the center
of my dreams

Wy’east is calling tugging my
heartstrings having lost
connection with my spirit mountain
finds no gravity within my being

reconnection is an essential fight
to maintain certain rhythms
that were lost in flat line flight

my heart is shattered into the
shards that tore my soul
still feeling still reeling
from the pain of knowing
and fighting to win
while failing to fight

tomorrow is “D” day
I’ll be up all night



One thought on “Tomorrow is “D” Day”

  1. I think I know what this is about. So sorry, Katovski! I feel your pain – and ONCE is quite enough! Hope all is well on the work front and other fronts. Drop me a line sometime to let me know how you’re doing. Peace, C

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