Tiny Door

I’m in love with no one
see no fire in anyone’s eyes
I’m in love with no one
just feel like I’m despised

something happened
when I saw the grim
the sense of abandonment
overwhelmed a spirit

caught in the tangled grip
of fading light where
shadows haunt what
could have been

as fire separates realities
seen in the heat wave mirage
is a tiny door behind which
could open a vast new dimension

there never was any question
dear moonchild you where born
deep in the center of cancer
so much so that your birth moon
matched the zodiac

thus making you pure water
with an ability to step through
the fiery portal guardian
without fear of recourse

beyond the door is a world
flowing in free thought
where not one individual
is judged for their age
sexual identity or back-story

some decades ago there was
a wrong turn made at a crossroad
which as it turns out was the long
way to the tiny door

I’m still in love with no one
But I see fire in everyone’s eyes
I’m in love with a new way of life
where I can be what I choose
I chose love because I love
all of you



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