I’m Not Voting

the first time I registered to vote
I didn’t want to claim a party
so I was called a communist

sure I knew what communism was
and sure as hell didn’t believe in it
a lot of good people died fighting
wars that had nothing to do with
stopping the spread of communism
and everything to do with greed

I’ve been married to a couple of
different women who grew up
in countries that were part of
the soviet union
after listening to their stories
the media scare tactic linking
communism to socialized
democracy is dead wrong

misinformation is a science
of distraction designed
to cause a reaction
breaking down the population
into combative factions
all against one another
and not the machine who created them

people are falling for this shit
hook line and sinker
swimming all schooled up
because there is safety in numbers
safety in numbers?
until a predator comes along
now its called a massacre

I moved since the last vote
and now have to re register
the form is filled out
its not signed and I still
claim no party

just because I believe that
left wing right wing same bird
is what we have in our system
of government does that still
make me a communist
in anyone’s eyes

people keep saying
get out and vote
help make a change
for your country

then the powers that be
come to all of us
with their candidates
and we are supposed to believe
that this is the best they have to offer

so while being handed a bucket of shit
being told to vote your conscience
is like being told to pick out the best turd
in the bucket

I keep asking this question
and it does demand an answer

what if we all refused to vote?
would there still be a president
elected in November?
and if that did happen what
would you do? Nothing?
or get extremely angry
because you found out
that your vote was worthless?

fuck it, I’m not voting



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