It’s All About Choice

in the media today
word has passed
of a coming race war
KKK and the aryan nation
are said to be mobilizing
and what of the new
black panthers?

Listen people
you are playing right
into the very hand
that wants to divide you
killing each other
will solve nothing

they want you
to fight each other
in a bloody war
among the races and classes
while you are forgetting
that all of you are part
of one race, the Human race

while you watch game of thrones
it happens all around you
house against house
one bloodline against humanity
these people make hitler
look like an amateur

did anyone stop to think
that in going to war
because of color
will set in motion
something that may just be
an unstoppable force

when america falls
the true believer genocide begins
a cleansing of those not affected
by the brainwashing
one by one by another
they will just disappear
and your children
will no longer be yours
you fear communism and socialism
but its coming whether
you like it or not
in a way that would
make even joseph stalin
appear to be weak .

what you don’t realize
is that you took the bait
those leaders that
are pushing you to fight
and to kill will not be
on the front lines with you
they are sheepishly trying
to buy their way into
the elitist class hoping
that by selling you out
they will save their own ass

I refuse to take up sides
unless we can all decide
that humanity is worth saving
unless we can agree that
even though our outward
appearance may differ
we all contain the same
four atoms that bind us
together as one

I beg you to reconsider
thoughts and actions
that create war among
it will only lead to
a military action
that leaves millions dead
and america no longer
the land of the free
it’s all about choice



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