Rock Bottom

I tripped and I fell
and now I’m falling
faster than the speed
of the sound of my
own voice calling

Silent are the screams
of eloquent dreams
whose colors fade to gray
and then slowly to black

It was never about the fall
impact always scared me
now I find myself praying
for it to happen quickly

For while my world
spins out of control
at least in hitting rock bottom
there will be something solid
beneath my feet

Looking up and out
heart bleeding
soul bared naked standing
nothing left to wonder
dreams died here today

Empty words falling
reminiscent of snow
land like ghosts all around
quiet from the lack of motion

Alone in this vast actuality
finding a word seeing its guilt
the content of its character
void of motion or fluid response
just speaking it
fails to apply its action

Love or adoration by which
it may be falsely defined
then becomes something
of a curse

In the same sinking ship
bound for the isle of disillusion
acquaintance has stowed away
beneath the pretense of friend

The mire of self pity
has long run its course
in this game of want verses need
while I may covet certain things
there is no requirement for anything
based upon my human condition

It was this day, this very day
to which I gathered what
remained my life
only to find the error of a year
spent trying, yes trying not to die

Where instead my heart and soul
have made such a plea as to start living
forgetting just enough
about the impact of mortality
to boldly step forth
into a new adventure

There is a place where dreams
go to die and empty words reconcile
a magic mirror showing
a stripped down image
and a new beginning
it’s called rock bottom



About The Flower

My chest is feeling closed
like a bud waiting to bloom
all the elements are present
so maybe it’s time
yet that is relative to the condition

Right now
my heart is telling me
that time is of the essence
and even though
the clock does tick
time should be taken
while fluid is a motion
leading to a greater end

My life is moving me
to follow the migration
toward the sun
upward reaching life unfolding

Flowers bloom in their own time
whether it is through
fresh fallen snow
or the burning heat of a desert
under a full moons’ light

So many things take place
prior to the bloom
it’s funny how sometimes
we think we’re only alive
when we feel pretty


It’s Time

Brilliance a day gone by
where the phone rang
it was yesterday calling
with a recorded reminder
to set back the clock
on the table from which
it was knocked

in the deep hours of night
the voice at the other end
whispers are you there
raising the question
that haunts me even now

wondering if this
is just a pass through
to a more welcoming dimension
and 07131961 is a flight number

behind eyes closed replays
a single memory
over and over and over
and the phone rings

it is neither yesterday
today or tomorrow calling
destination has a reservation
and the still small voice
quietly says
it’s time