Treading Water

Treading Water

The motion of
riding a bicycle beneath
while moving
the arms and hands
in a circular motion
on the surface of

its dynamics are simple
propulsion times displacement
equals survival
a technique used by
mariners, service people
girl scouts and boy scouts
for ages

Treading water
somewhere along the way
while traveling the oceans of life
unknown the captain and crew
I have fallen overboard
into a turbulent and chaotic sea

I am riding my bicycle
without the use of my arms and hands
because they are busy holding
the weight of my entire world
above my head

any lapse of displacement
will plunge my head below the surface
where some amazing clarity can take place
for some they will see their life pass before them
for me I see a list

a list of things I have not yet finished
a list of ideas that have yet to be brought to life
a list of connections with family and friends
that has been suspended
a list of people I have still to meet
a list of ongoing projects that have fallen by the wayside

and I see one more thing
I see that even with all of the good intentions
there are in the world
the only person responsible
for my survival is me
I speed up propulsion
which doubles displacement
and again my head is above the surface

I am gasping for breath
gasping for life
gasping for survival
still holding my world above my head
still holding the list

It may seem like it
but I have not given up
some day
some place some way
I will return and begin again
to move forward

but for now
I am treading water