Instant Replay

instant replay
this time a deejay
narrated by Morgan Freeman
because Darth Vader is dead

they tell me it’s tension
next time a migraine
the pain that rips through my body
apparently starts in my head

that’s what they tell me
but what does anyone know
I’m an enigma within a conundrum
backed up backed down
music calms the savage beast

tear filled eyes a danger sign
of the coming rage or burning flame
that explodes like a furious wind
playing with benzene and matches
is a really dangerous thing

the pre-cardial thump
bruised sternum cracked ribs
reminds me that something happened
even if I can’t remember what

I see the same thing in darkness
eyes open or eyes shut

I give up trying
even my imaginary friend
is sleeping soundly
while I listen to Morgan replay my life
it should be soothing but it’s not
because I keep hearing
the things I don’t remember I did



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