Having Seen Enough

So I sit here
looking out through a window
thinking deeply about all
that I have seen

the experiences found
in such imagery
take the breath away
to where finding beauty
clearly becomes a possibility

reflecting reflections
of non mirrored objects
sifting out dreams from realities

standing atop a mountain
draped in clouds
yet seeing such a mystical sight
before me to which perception
of imagination found me walking
the stratus highway to the next peak

Rainier, Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger,
Denali, and Everest all but dreams
lived only through the words of others
unfulfilled due to situations
beyond mortal control

reminiscing in my minds eye
fond memories of sitting
in creeks and streams
scooping up hands full
of semi-precious stones
in their most beautiful raw form

seeing eagles pluck fish
from rivers before my very eyes

falling in love with the kingdom
of the wild so much so as to lay down
my weapons to enjoy earths bounty
in a visual feast

swimming in three
of this worlds oceans and seas
before the poison of humanity
became so apparent in its
evaporation. setting into motion
a toxic cycle of transference

wondering now about the safety
of this worlds aquifers
not just from the chemical
poisoning of ground water
but that of statements based
entirely in greed
saying, ” that water is not a
basic human right”

thinking back then thinking forward
to the notion of what the last world war
will be fought over WATER!

I worry about the legacy
that is being left for generations to come
and even though my personal list
of things to do and see
is far from complete
I think maybe I have seen enough

Greed is stronger than my voice alone
hatred is a vicious by product of greed
and is used to empower the few
to distract the many
in its insatiable lust to control
the one world in which we all live

humanity has quickly become
its own plague of locusts
consuming the earths resources
with wild abandon never considering
to consequences of depletion
not understanding that all
things are not renewable

two vital ingredients of
all organic life on this planet
clean water and fresh air
seventy one percent of the
earths surface is covered
with water, most of that is ocean
fifty to eighty five percent
of the oxygen that we breath
comes from tiny ocean plants
called phytoplankton
yet the oceans have become the
dumping grounds of the human race

governments worry about something called
global warming and they talk about greenhouse gas
while they blindly allow the killing of the
largest single source of oxygen

there are one thousand six hundred forty five
people in this world that control
seven point five billion others

I am just one small voice
just one watchman crying out
how many of the multitude
are listening how many are crying out

how many are looking out a window
thinking deeply about all that they have seen
how many can say they have seen enough .


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