Look Beyond the Hate

Look deeply with me
way down deep
far below anger, jealousy
and self pity
even deeper past hatred

way, way down deep
where the dreams lie
then find your dream
it’s the pursuit of dreams
that can individually heal us
Billy Mills

It starts here
imagine a world
where individual dreams
are embellished by
the dreams of others
where they are not judged
by pre-set pre-packaged
standards of merit

but within the diverse
populous of this world
there are great expectations
and even greater disappointments
allowing indifference to creep in

yet misconceptions of religion, systems
of belief , and cultural differences
coupled with a complete
unwillingness to understand
create fear and the fear of change

of fear and loathing
fear, is the greatest of two evils
for without one the other
would fail to exist

when we fear something
that is new, unusual or diverse
we cling to things that later
will become symbols of hatred
in the eyes of the varied

instead of digesting the ego
and listening to gain understanding
stubborn misconstrued conclusions
become the manifestos to which
hate controls the lives of so many
and we become the product
of our own choices.

when I see groups of haters
doing what they do
I see people who have yet
to look deep enough
to find where the
dreams lie



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