Free Thinking

I awoke alone in the darkness
I stand alone in the light
the sounds of lions roaring
pound against this tower
and here am I worried
about the decay of civilization
what happened
what happened to this world
evolved humanity is just
as barbaric as it was
when time began
there are voices crying out
from watch towers
around this world
however no one is listening
out of the good in humanity
there is yet to rise even one
who would lead us in
these troubled times
this world is lead by
corruption and deceit
we are oppressed and
we don’t even know it
while freedom of choice
is quickly becoming
the choice of submission or death
no one wants to listen
the complacency of this generation
shows that darkness has won
I stand alone in the shadows
alone in the light
my voice muted
by ears refusing to hear
refusing to understand
the poison worked
except for the free thinkers
who found immunity
within the power of thought
and I have to believe
that there are still good people
out there, there has to be
I hear the voices calling out
from tower to tower
warning of a futile future
seeking out the free thinkers
whose wisdom saved them
from corruption and greed
here then is where the survival
of the human race rests

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