Traveling the Back Roads

It’s not about how fast I go

It’s about knowing my ability

To stop

And take in what life presents

To me

Like smelling the flowers

Along the way

And seeing the forest for the trees


The shortest distance

Between two points

Is a straight line to

Should life be so short


People travel across

The interstates of life

Getting from point to point

Without ever truly experiencing

Something or anything

Remarkable in the grand scheme

Of greatness that is life


So then the shortest route

From the cradle to the grave

Is the interstate of life

Now that has me thinking

About how the exciting possibilities

Of getting lost on the back roads

Could just turn life into something



Perhaps the best thing

That ever happened to me

Is that I have been lost

On the back roads

For my entire life


It’s not about how fast you go

It’s about knowing your ability

To stop





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