In His Name

I don’t understand

My place in time

But suddenly all the clocks

Just fell from the sky

They said it’s all

In your mind you see

No I’m not that blind

You see

Just trying to find my way

Back home

Sitting in the darkness

Remembering yesterday

Living in the shadows

Of a life so far away

Everything I want

Is not okay with you

Muse’s fade so quickly

This is why I’m blue


Sinking slowly

Drowning in the abyss

Gasping for breath

Surrounded by dream crushing

Waves of mediocrity

Pushing me down

Pulling me deeper


That was my whole life

I was born once to live

Born once to die

Born once to rage

Born once to cry

The love that became

The love that I gave

Asking for nothing

Receiving the same



Is it any wonder

I said

Is it any wonder why

I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling


Totally misconstrued

Jump to conclusions

Left so confused

Confusion confession

Forgive me father for I have sinned

Excuse me

Is that whiskey I smell

Upon your breath

While I am here upon my knees

Begging forgiveness

For doing these deeds

No hail Marry so full of grace

Your conditional forgiveness

Is a slap in the face

You do what you do

And it’s a sin when

I do the same

I wonder how god feels

When people

Do what they do

While using his name

His name

The crusades were fought

In his name


In his name

One nation under god

In his name

I wonder how god feels

When people

Do what they do

While using his name




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