I Am a Wolf Pack

You treat me wrong

You treat me right

There’s something going on here

Oh lord why do we fight


Going round and around again

Who did what to who

Will this madness ever end


Humanity is so inhumane

They chop each other into pieces

For the shape of their eyes

The color of their skin

Or just because of their name


You see I am a wolf pack

Did you ever wonder why

I howl at the moon

Or even begin to wonder why I cry


Humanity is supposed to be above all that

But it’s never satisfied

It mourns a life of excess

When a Hollywood actor dies

A homeless family starves to death

And not one person cries


You treat me wrong

I’ll treat you right

You take my home

And kill my family

No revenge I’ll just take flight


I come and go so silently

Never wondering what to do

I may just be a wolf pack

But I’m more humane

Than you


I am a wolf pack baby

Living off the land

Taking only what I need

From mother earth’s

Open hand

Katovski ©2014


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