Fade To Black

What point is love

When attraction

Has lost its effect


Should we then

Just live as friends

Along with the dissatisfaction

Knowing all too well

That somewhere along the way

We have last our attraction


The orgasmless pit in my stomach

Speaks the truth

A lover left to visit her mother

And only a friend returned


Many are the friends

Who are not lovers

Yet am I the only one

Honest enough with myself

To admit to what is going on


And the occasional oral copulation

Does not calm the fire within

Of puppets on strings

And roller coasters

That create tidal waves

Of confused emotion

Or is it just delusional expectations

Which doom the hopeful

To Cape Disappointment


Is then happiness

Just so momentary

As to knock down

The walls of longevity

Leaving us holding

The all encompassing

Bag of nothing


While time speeds forward

Repeating nightmares

So often they seem

To be my only reality

And dreams have stopped

Visiting the night


As now this life

Flashes before my eyes

Repeating everything

That I have done wrong

And nothing that I have done right


The torment returns

And my lover is gone

While the world around me

Fades to black



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