A Fond Farewell

 I love you

And even though

The fact remains

That you were

Always there for me

When I needed you most

Or even when I didn’t

Need you at all

You never said no


Your taste in my mouth

Is something unforgettable

The deep warm

Often dizzying feeling

From once you passed my lips

Is all but a dream now


Something has come up

And you can

No longer be good for me

Where life hangs in the balance

With shadows lying in wait

At the fringe

Watching carefully wondering

Which path I will choose


Be it life or be it death

The speed limit has been reached

As the shadows find such disappointment

In decisions based on fact

And much to their chagrin

I have chosen life

Life without you


And I am quite sure that

You will be okay

Since you are loved by so very many


I say all of this

In order to bid you a fond farewell

Bourbon my dear sweet lovely drink of choice


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