What is this unresisting manner

Maybe a tactical humanity CIA

Peaceful counter flank

In which I am treated

Only to get their way


Certain things don’t exist

I’m not going to play this game

The guidance system

For those non-verbal missiles

Carrying intermittent worded war heads

Seems to be flawed

Because the target is either on the move

Or just has not and will not buy in

Point counter point left flank right

Surrounded circled wagon surge 

I am not the enemy

Stop trying to change me




Yes sometimes I do cry

During an emotional part in a movie

Or even while rehearsing my material

So what

Beautiful things move me in ways

That some people will never understand

Does that make me less of a man in the eyes of any

Step up then and live the life I have lived

Few are the entrants to my inner world

Fewer are they who know the path I have wandered

Step up or just shut up

Stop playing to your audience of one


Maybe they are just bullies  

 Most fall hard in the tears of a man

And heed should be taken

For there is no weakness

Within the tender heart of the meek


Does anyone really think

That making fun of someone’s

Emotional method for creation

Will ever make them change

Do people hate the creative

That much so as to feel the need

To destroy their ability to create

Of fear and loathing I choose that latter

For I will never fear them




People often try

To change those in their life

Trying to fit them into a mold

Of how and or what they

Think they should be 

Instead of changing themselves

They begin to hate


If only people could look

Within themselves

Taking the time to breathe deep

And exhale their own beauty

Then they would understand the creative


There is no time

                No time

                None at all

For me to change for anyone

You see


I am lost on a road less traveled

To finding and becoming

A better shade of me

The world is

Constantly changing

Forcing my own

Misguided state of entropy







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