I Know How You Feel

One great failure of humanity is

The ability to understand a feeling

Instead we try to project ourselves

Into someone else’s feeling


I Know How You Feel


Really do you

Are you sure about that

So please

Elaborate on how I feel


Tell me what it felt like

To find your best friend

Bleeding out

From the suicide attempt

That worked this time


Go head

Tell me how you tried in vain to stop the flow

And the insanity that ensued

Finding yourself covered in blood

As the last drop drained out


Tell me how it was when her heart stopped

And you felt her spirit leave

Can you even begin to tell me

What it was like to be so helpless

As to feel so ultimately alone





You can’t can you

And you don’t know

How much I wish you could

So just once for a millisecond

I could know the feeling

Of never having lived that day


But I can’t

It’s a part of me

Playing over and over and over

So don’t tell me you fucking know

How I feel


You can’t know can you

Because no one can share

The same circumstance

Unless they were there


Just once

I wish I could loose the reins

And say that

Instead of smiling and saying

“That’s nice”

And walking off


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