Miss Understanding

The sun sets across the western plains

Dipping deep into the sun rise

Of an altered state and time

Encroaching darkness

Rolling like a tidal wave

Forcing out the light

Finally my eyes don’t hurt

I’m dancing with the night

My first grade teacher

Informed me that our voice

Comes directly from the soul

And now I am told that my heart

Is in the wrong place

Otherwise the light would not hurt me so

Breathe deep the crisp cool air

There is a certain beauty

In the middle of the night

Because dark is just an altered state of light

If you want one then be one

Look at your hand

Count them your fingers

Assign each one to a true friend

Wear them like finely jeweled rings

I am a loaner

Pardon the awkward greeting

The extra forced the introvert

Into the motion of speaking

Wondering where it is that I do fit in

Living life practicing being one

Yet expectations rob me of my rings

They look at me in strange ways

My own generation

I don’t fit in

My greatest achievement

Has become my greatest failure

The ability to never grow completely up

She came to me

An acquaintance passing by

Speaking and listening to my cry

Understanding exactly how I feel

And upon the parting of our ways

Finding that I did not know her 

I said, Miss I’m sorry but I never caught your name

She turned and said,

It’s Understanding Miss Understanding

How many are the fingers out there bearing rings

Yet still mine bear not one





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